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Archives of Transplantation Journal High Impact Factor Journal.
Archives of Transplantation promote novel findings and innovations in the field of Transplantation Surgery, therapeutic applications of transplantation techniques and their clinical efficacy in the treatment of chronic diseases. Archives of Transplantation focuses on the topics that include.: Types of Transplantation.
American Journal of Transplantation Wiley Online Library.
This is presented along with an independent analysis by Zhang et al examining the impact of the KAS on access to the waiting list, work by Martins et al examining disparities related to implementation of the A2 to B program, and a new educational aid Patzer et al designed to inform a patients decision to consider transplantation.
Transplantation Journals GODT.
Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation Go to. Liver Transplantation Go to. Nephrology Go to. Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Go to. Pediatric Transplantation Go to. Progress in Transplantation Go to. Progress in Transplantation Go to. Stem Cell Research Go to.
Wolters Kluwer Health.
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American Society of Transplantation.
The AST has put together a list of resources for patients and patient families. The American Society of Transplantation is an organization of professionals dedicated to advancing the field of transplantation and improving patient care by promoting research, education, advocacy, and organ donation.
Organ transplantation Wikipedia.
Transplantation raises a number of bioethical issues, including the definition of death, when and how consent should be given for an organ to be transplanted, and payment for organs for transplantation. 2 3 Other ethical issues include transplantation tourism medical tourism and more broadly the socio-economic context in which organ procurement or transplantation may occur.
Trends in Transplantation ESOT.
News Latest News Trends in Transplantation. Trends in Transplantation. Trends in Transplantation is a medical publication dedicated to progress in renal, cardiac, pulmonary and pancreatic transplantation. Solid organ transplantation has been one of the more important successes of science and medicine in the 20th Century.
Continuing our strong partnership with the International Liver Transplantation Society ILTS, The Liver Transplant Symposium 2018, organised by the National University Centre for Organ Transplantation NUCOT, will be held from 19 21 October 2018 in Singapore. Visit the symposium website.
Transplantation is the transfer engraftment of human cells, tissues or organs from a donor to a recipient with the aim of restoring functions in the body. When transplantation is performed between different species, e.g. animal to human, it is named xenotransplantation.
Organ transplantation, 2017-2018 e-StudieGids, Universiteit Leiden.
The faculty participating in this honours class constitutes of experts in these diverse areas, including clinicians and scientists forming the centre of the transplantation procedure, opinion makers in the societal discussions surrounding the transplantation process and people involved in technological developments and regenerative medicine pushing the boundaries of transplantation.
Groningen Institute for Organ Transplantation.
To improve outcome after solid organ transplantation by providing a comprehensive program of translational and clinical research with the main focus on improving the availability of suitable donor organs and improving long term survival and quality of life after transplantation.
Journal Rankings on Transplantation.
Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. American Journal of Transplantation. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation. CKJ: Clinical Kidney Journal journal. Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation.

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